Cover Reveal and Release Date

After much anticipation, PICKMAN’S GALLERY has a rapidly approaching release date. Scheduled for release on August 18th (HPL’s birthday), my story “Beyond the Veil of Pretty Pink Lies” is one of seventeen tales in this anthology inspired by Lovecraft’s Pickman’s Model. I’m extremely proud of Pretty Pink Lies, and find it particularly fitting that it comes one year after being unable to attend NecronomiCom (the intended publication date), which ultimately resulted in my writing hiatus and tangential pursuit of painting. Perhaps this series of coincidences will bring me back to the written word, but in the meantime, snag  a copy of PICKMAN’S GALLERY (I’ll post a link as soon as it’s available) and check out what may or may not be my final story.

As always, thanks for reading.


Pickman's Gallery

Release Day: Horror Library, Volume 6

Horror Library, Volume 6 is now available for purchase! 


The multiple Bram Stoker Award® nominated Horror Library anthology series is back!

Shepherded by new editor Eric J. Guignard — himself a past Stoker winner — Horror Library Volume 6 is imbued with a new level of literary energy and purpose. It features 27 brand new horror short stories, written by 27 different authors, including well-known pros and up-and-coming new talents.

As always, if you’d like a snapshot of where modern literary horror fiction is headed, you’ve found the right book.

Don’t miss Horror Library Volume 6! The Librarian wants to see YOU.

Publication Announcement: When You See It

I’m pleased to announce that my story, “When You See It,” has been chosen to appear in Volume One of the Time Alone Press anthology trilogy LET US IN. The Table of Contents (see below) includes Ray Garton and John F.D. Taff.

“When You See It” is one of a handful of stories I’ve written so far inspired by the King in Yellow mythology. It almost received a subtitle (The Yellow Sign), but in the end I decided to keep it simple.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this project which is tentatively scheduled for an October release. Stay tuned for updates and ordering information.






THE LAST CALL Of DUTY by Billie Sue Mosiman

INTRUDER by Michael Hughes

“High Scool Guidance Counselor”- Poem by Kurt Newton


MERMAID CAVIAR by Victorya Chase

EMILY by Kristal Stittle

LET US IN“Wet Palms On The Glass”- Poem by Marc Lecard

DEATH IN MIAMI by Robin Wyatt Dunn

THE BUNNY SUIT by John F.D. Taff

DISCONNECTION by Susanne Braham

JAGGED SPACES by Robert Lamb

PREDATION by Erica Ruppert


3 A.M. by J. Rossi

THE SHAPE OF YOU by Samantha Murray

WHEN YOU SEE IT by Rebecca J. Allred

MICE TAKE TINY BITES by Ralph Robert Moore



THE COST OF PRETTY by Mimi Williams



Cover Art by Sergio Diaz


Borderlands 6 Update: Cover Reveal and Pre-order

Pleased to announce that the Signed, Hardback Limited Edition of Borderlands 6 is now available for pre-order. This edition is limited to 250 copies, so be sure to get yours before it’s too late.




Welcome to the 6th Volume of this anthology of original weird fiction.  Previous volumes in this series have been nominated for or won major genre awards such as the World Fantasy Award and the Bram Stoker Award. Individual stories have also garnered equal acclaim.

This latest volume continues the tradition of publishing fiction that looks for weird tales that go beyond the familiar territory of most genres. If you are looking for storytelling with style and originality, this book is for you.

As in all previous volumes, Borderlands 6 features a cast of writers that span the spectrum of Award-winning writers as David Morrell. Jack Ketchum, Gary Braunbeck, and Steve Rasnic Tem; plus solid veterans including Brian Knight, John McIlveen, Paul Tremblay, and Trent Zelazny, as well as a generous gathering of talented newcomers.

This handsome anthology is limited to 250 copies and is signed by all contributors.

Table of Contents:

“Anton : ) ” – Michael Louis Dixon
“Eye of the Beholder” – John M. McIlveen
“Those Rockports Won’t Get You to Heaven” – Jack Ketchum
“The Last Plague Doctor” – Rebecca J. Allred
“Stinkers” Dan Waters
“Time is a Face on the Water” – Michael Bailey
“Summer Gullet” – John Boden
“Dead Letter Office” – Trent Zelazny & Brian Knight
“Cocoa” – Bob Pastorella
“The Dress” – Peter Salomon
“The Dishes are Done” – Carol Pierson Holding
“Red Rabbit” – Steve Rasnic Tem
“Miracle Meadows” – Darren O. Godfrey
“Lockjaw” – David Annadale
“Window” – Anya Martin
“Shattered” – G. Daniel Gunn & Paul Tremblay
“Mise en Abyme” – Gordon White
“In God’s Image” – Sean M Davis
“Special Delivery” – Tim Waggoner
“The Palace Garbage Man” – Bradley Michael Zerbe
“Consumers” – Gary A. Braunbeck
“The Architecture of Snow” – David Morrell

Nightscript Vol II: TOC

From CM Muller, here is the full Table of Contents for Nightscript II.

“The Carnival Arrives in Darkness” — Michael Griffin
“In the Dark, Quiet Places” — Kristi DeMeester
“Phantom Airfields” — Christopher Slatsky
“En Plein Air” — J.T. Glover
“The Inveterate Establishment of Daddano & Co.” — Eric J. Guignard
“White Elephants” — Malcolm Devlin
“Reasons I Hate My Big Sister” — Gwendolyn Kiste
“Nearness” — Ralph Robert Moore
“This Lonely Hecatomb” — Christopher Ropes
“Apartment B” — Steve Rasnic Tem
“Understairs” — Jason A. Wyckoff
“As Summer’s Mask Slips” — Gordon White
“And Elm Do Hate” — Nina Shepardson
“A Silence of Starlings” — Kurt Fawver
“Aycayia” — Rowley Amato
“The White Kisses” — Charles Wilkinson
“Down by the River” — H.V. Chao
“Arena” — Daniel Mills
“From the Fertile Dark” — Rebecca J. Allred
“No Abiding Place on Earth” — Matthew M. Bartlett
“Pause for Laughter” — José Cruz

I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of this publication, and I hope you’ll pick up copies of both volumes of this amazing anthology. Nightscript II will be available October 1, 2016. Nightscript I is currently available on Amazon.


Borderlands 6 – Author Lineup

Message from Borderlands Press editor Tom Monteleone:

“Sending out the the limitation pages to be signed by all the contributors to our *Borderlands 6* anthology of imaginative fiction… As is always the case with our series, we are very happy to have a nice mix of award-winning legends, solid professionals, and very new writers you’ve probably never read before.”

As one of the latter, I’d like to share the full author lineup for Borderlands 6. It’s amazing. Still can’t believe I’m part of this.

Rebecca J. Allred
David Annandale
Michael Bailey
John Boden
Gary A. Braunbeck
Sean M. Davis
M. Louis Dixon
Darren O. Godfrey
G. Daniel Gunn
Carol Pierson Holding
Jack Ketchum
Brian Knight
Anya Martin
John McIlveen
David Morrell
Bob Pastorella
Peter Salomon
Steve Rasnic Tem
Paul Tremblay
Tim Waggoner
Dan Waters
Gordon White
Trent Zelazny
Bradley Michael Zerbe


Click the banner below to purchase earlier volumes in this series and stay tuned for information regarding the upcoming release of Borderlands 6.


Publication Announcement: Ecdysis

The contract has been signed and returned, and the requested period of confidentiality has passed, so I’m pleased to announce that I’ve sold my story, ECDYSIS, to Flame Tree Publishing.


Sometimes, signing contracts is exciting!

Sometimes, signing contracts is exciting!


Ecdysis will appear in the forthcoming anthology, Gothic Fantasy: Chilling Horror Short Stories. The following description is from the product page:

With a new foreword by Dr Dale Townshend, this is a chilling selection of brand new stories, and essential tales of horror from the infamous pens of Walter de La Mare, William Hope Hodgson, Arthur Machen, Henry James, Algernon Blackwood, M.R. James, Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and other nefarious authors… A dazzling collection of the most gripping tales of horror, vividly told.


Hardback Deluxe edition, printed on silver, matt laminated, gold foil stamped, embossed.: 280,000 words, 480 pages, 25 illustrations

Hardback Deluxe edition: 480 pages, 25 illustrations


I’m thrilled to be a part of this collection, and I hope that when it becomes available you’ll consider checking it out. Publication is scheduled for August 15, 2015.