turn-to-ash-vol-2Turn to Ash, Vol 2. Open Lines – The Sun Screams in Retrograde

Paranormal talk shows, radio waves, and winged prophets of doom… Turn to Ash, Vol. 2 is a uniquely themed issue featuring the weird tale of Charles “Chuck” Leek’s strangest night hosting “The Late Night Leak,”  a call-in talk show focusing on things that go bump in the night. The frame story is written by Jonathan Raab, and the “calls” are written by several other authors.

v5i2-200x300LampLight Magazine, Issue 5.2 – The Only Why Is You

Featuring Livia Llewellyn. She brings us her apocalyptic story, Horses. We talk to her about writing, acting, and books she’s looking forward to reading.

Kevin Lucia’s Horror 101, Quiet Fears in The Twilight Zone, he talks about the very influential television series, as well as a radio show, Quiet Please.

Fiction from:

Hal Bodner

Rebecca J. Allred

Ada Hoffman

Susan Jane Bigelow





HLV6CoverEbook-188x300Horror Library, Volume 6 – Mother’s Mouth, Full of Dirt




Excitement’s building for the new Volume 6 of Cutting Block’s most famous horror anthology, Horror Library!

Our intrepid Bram Stoker Award® winning series editor, Eric Guignard, has been posting sneak previews of each of the stories he’s selected for the latest edition of our horror anthology classic.

As Stoker winning author Joe McKinney said, the Horror Library series is “as good as horror gets.”

Horror Library Volume 6 is coming in the Spring of 2017 — don’t miss it!


nightscript-3-half-coverNightscript III – When Dark-Eyed Ophelia Sings
















 Stay tuned…