BL6 WinnerBORDERLANDS 6 – The Last Plague Doctor

Welcome to the 6th Volume of this anthology of original weird fiction.  Previous volumes in this series have been nominated for or won major genre awards such as the World Fantasy Award and the Bram Stoker Award. Individual stories have also garnered equal acclaim.

This latest volume continues the tradition of publishing fiction that looks for weird tales that go beyond the familiar territory of most genres. If you are looking for storytelling with style and originality, this book is for you.

As in all previous volumes, Borderlands 6 features a cast of writers that span the spectrum of Award-winning writers as David Morrell. Jack Ketchum, Gary Braunbeck, and Steve Rasnic Tem; plus solid veterans including Brian Knight, John McIlveen, Paul Tremblay, and Trent Zelazny, as well as a generous gathering of talented newcomers.







nightscript-2Nightscript II – From the Fertile Dark

An annual anthology of strange and darksome tales by twenty-one of the finest contemporary scribes. Michael Griffin, Kristi DeMeester, Christopher Slatsky, J.T. Glover, Eric J. Guignard, Malcolm Devlin, Gwendolyn Kiste, Ralph Robert Moore, Christopher Ropes, Steve Rasnic Tem, Jason A. Wyckoff, Gordon White, Nina Shepardson, Kurt Fawver, Rowley Amato, Charles Wilkinson, H.V. Chao, Daniel Mills, Rebecca J. Allred, Matthew M. Bartlett, José Cruz

14516453_10210288247819958_4875337573419355231_nKilling It Softly – Ecdysis (reprint)

Killing it Softly The Best by Women in Horror Suzie Lockhart and Digital Horror Fiction are thrilled to present 32 chilling tales of terror from some of the best authors in horror. Killing It Softly includes stories from New York Times best selling authors Nancy Holder and Elaine Cunningham, together with more shocking short nightmares from the finest award winning female writers in the genre. Your heart won’t stop pounding as you dig into the pages of this book; from the moment you immerse yourself in the first tale, about a women waking to find herself inside a coffin, buried alive, until the last, a coming of age story about a sixteen-year-old’s journey of self-discovery amidst all hell breaking loose. You’ll find your proof that women can, indeed, do a wicked dance between science fiction and horror as they penetrate your darkest thoughts, to bring forth stories promising to leave you with a lingering anxiety you can’t seem to shake. Any romantic notions of vampires will be crushed, and dark and twisted plots will confirm definitively that females can even write about zombies. We dare you to read stories that will leave you deeply disturbed, and some that will slice into your very soul. It wouldn’t be horror if there wasn’t an ode to Edgar Allen Poe…we have two masterfully written tales. There are stories off the odd and unusual, stories that take a perilous dive into worlds of disturbing shadows, and there’s even an exorcism—in a tale that daringly addresses the heartbreaking disease that is alcoholism. Enter at your own risk…

dark-moon-digest-25Dark Moon Digest #25 – A Little Glimpse of Madness

In the sixth anniversary issue of Dark Moon Digest, child labor takes a surreal, horrific turn; the survivor of a traumatic school massacre applies for a job; a midwife might know more than she’s letting on; a cursed belt makes a reappearance with deadly consequences; a weird video store clerk takes a child under his wing and introduces him to the finer points of horror films; a man and a hitchhiker play a game of Truth or Dare; and an orchard’s rumored dangers might not entirely be fictional. Fiction by Andrew Novak, Hannah Lackoff, Sarah Al-saad, Douglas Ford, Jack Bantry, Robert Essig Rebecca J. Allred, and Melissa Clare Wright. Also in this issue: non-fiction by Michael David Wilson, Jay Wilburn, and a review of The Shallows.