Short Story Mechanics with Richard Thomas: Day 1

I’m taking a class over at LitReactor from dark fiction writer Richard Thomas. This isn’t my first online writing class, but I’m hoping that, in conjunction with all of the other tools I’ve acquired along the way, this class will be a major turning point with regards to my ability to translate ideas into coherent narratives. I told Richard that over the next week, I intend to absorb his powers, but he warned me that magic comes always comes with  a price…


As long as that price doesn’t match what I paid for my MD, I think it’s worth the risk.

Our first assignment was to write a six-sentence story. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve spent a lot of time over the past year working with flash fiction (Go #FlashDogs!), but that didn’t make the assignment any easier. Fortunately, I didn’t fall flat on my face as I’d feared I would. Richard had some lovely comments for me and suggestions to make my story stronger, as well as a few things to consider in general when writing short fiction.

All in all, I’d call today a success. Can’t wait to see what Richard has in store for me tomorrow.

Is murder legal in Utah? Because I KILLED with my talk at the SLC Comic Con

I recently tossed Sean Hoade a story I’ve been working on, and he gave me some great pointers to pursue in revision. Among them was strengthening some of the scenes using the below described technique. I found the video very helpful (and am a little sad I wasn’t able to actually BE at the talk, since it was right down the street from me—*deep sigh*), and thought I’d share it in hopes that it might help you too.

Happy writing!