2015: It Begins

After dinking around with writing off and on for over two decades, last year there was a turning point in which I went from dinking around to taking my writing seriously and pursuing publication. I had some success in 2014, placing a handful of pieces (all flash) with a number of publishers, both online and in print. My goal this year is to continue that trend, expanding my publishing credits to include short stories as well as flash, and (if I’m lucky) find a home for my novella.

But you can’t get published if you don’t submit.

With that in mind, I’ve been working on a piece entitled ‘Ecdysis’ for several months now, and I think it’s finally ready to send out into the world. I’ve assembled a list of horror magazines currently open for submissions (many of which do not accept simultaneous subs, so if they see fit to reject me, let’s hope they do it quickly), and have sent it off to the first publication on my list.

Now, as they say, we wait. In the meantime, I’ve got a healthy project list with over a dozen short story and novella ideas (and maybe even a novel or two, though those might have to simmer until I’ve taken boards) just waiting to be tackled.

Here’s hoping 2015 far surpasses 2014 for writerly awesomeness.