Publication Announcement – Ecdysis (reprint)

I’m pleased to announce that my story “Ecdysis” will appear in the reprint horror anthology Killing it Softly from Digital Fiction Publishing. This is Digital Fiction Publishing’s 1st Best-of Women-in-Horror anthology, and I’m thrilled to be part of it. I’ll post ordering information when it becomes available.


Table of Contents

Torn Asunder by Rebecca Snow
Lambent Lights by H.R. Boldwood
Nosophoros by Christine Lucas
What the Rain Brings by Gerri Leen
Taking it for The Team by Tracie McBride
Killing it SoftlyHere We Go Round by Rie Sheridan Rose
Songs for Dead Children by Aliya Whiteley
Music in the Bone by Marion Pitman
All of a Heap by Jenner Michaud
Traitorous, Lying, Little Star by Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert
Truth Hurts by Carole Gill
A Trick of the Dark by Tina Rath
Abysmoira by Airika Sneve
Skin Deep by Carson Buckingham
Orbs by Chantal Boudreau
Rule of Five by Eleanor R. Wood
Guilty by Chance by Nidhi Singh
Ecdysis by Rebecca J. Allred
Coralesque by Rebecca Fraser
The Funhouse by Jo-Anne Russell
Graffiti by K. S. Dearsley
Complete by Amanda Northrup Mays
Ellensburg Blue by M.J. Sydney
Abandoned by Rose Blackthorn
The Call of the House of Usher by Annie Neugebauer
Ravens by Elaine Cunningham
Foxford by Sandra Kasturi
The Root by Jess Landry
Long Time, No See by Sarah Hans
Millie’s Hammock by Tory Hoke
Changed by Nancy Holder

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