Borderlands 6 – Author Lineup

Message from Borderlands Press editor Tom Monteleone:

“Sending out the the limitation pages to be signed by all the contributors to our *Borderlands 6* anthology of imaginative fiction… As is always the case with our series, we are very happy to have a nice mix of award-winning legends, solid professionals, and very new writers you’ve probably never read before.”

As one of the latter, I’d like to share the full author lineup for Borderlands 6. It’s amazing. Still can’t believe I’m part of this.

Rebecca J. Allred
David Annandale
Michael Bailey
John Boden
Gary A. Braunbeck
Sean M. Davis
M. Louis Dixon
Darren O. Godfrey
G. Daniel Gunn
Carol Pierson Holding
Jack Ketchum
Brian Knight
Anya Martin
John McIlveen
David Morrell
Bob Pastorella
Peter Salomon
Steve Rasnic Tem
Paul Tremblay
Tim Waggoner
Dan Waters
Gordon White
Trent Zelazny
Bradley Michael Zerbe


Click the banner below to purchase earlier volumes in this series and stay tuned for information regarding the upcoming release of Borderlands 6.


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