NEW SECTIONS OPEN for October local and videoconference workshops!

I’ve been part of this workshop since June, and have found it incredibly helpful both as a driving force to keep myself producing new material and as a means to make that new material better once it’s written. There are a number of sessions open to accommodate almost any schedule, so if you’ve been thinking about joining a writers workshop, I’d highly recommend checking this out.


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IMPORTANT: There are still two (2) spaces available in the four (4)-person teaching workshop on Thursday afternoons in the Las Vegas area. Scroll down to get all the details!

Hello, all! I wanted to let you know that my fiction workshops are starting up again in October. (CLICK HERE FOR AVAILABLE DAYS AND TIMES.) This is a safe and productive writing and critiquing environment where tales of the macabre and even Lovecraftian are most welcome (as are all other flavors of fiction).

“Sean Hoade’s Fiction Time Workshop has been an educational and rewarding experience. Sean’s expertise at both writing and workshop facilitation, together with superb classmates, have made it a treasure. Enthusiastically recommended.” — Sean I., Salt Lake City

This is an Iowa-Writer’s-Workshop–style graduate-level fiction workshop. It is being held in Las Vegas but anyone from anywhere can take part through live videoconferencing by Google Hangouts. The videoconferencing has turned out to be…

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