Finally, a serious fiction workshop for writers not in college

Anyone care to join me this summer?

The workshop will take place on 13 Wednesday nights from 9-11:30 ET, 6-9:30 PT, starting June 10 and ending September 16. There will be no meeting on August 19 or 26.

As of May 14th there were only 4 seats left, so if you want to hang with the cool kids, secure your seat today. šŸ™‚

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I will be considering any Weird fiction produced in this workshop for publication on, THE repository for unsettling and downright spooky creepy fiction.

Friends and aspiring writers: You might beĀ interested in a graduate-level-style fiction workshop taught by Yours Truly, just like the workshops I held at the University. It will run 13 weeks, and people would bring in a story for the class three times to be critiqued. You could do different stories or chapters from a WIP novel or novella.

This critique process, however, will be managed by myself as your ā€œmoderatorā€ and guide. You will get the full experience of a weekly fiction seminar at the University level. When it is done, I will write a personalized letter for every participant that can be used for grad school admissions, general letter of recommendation, or just to look at and feel inspired.

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