Is murder legal in Utah? Because I KILLED with my talk at the SLC Comic Con

I recently tossed Sean Hoade a story I’ve been working on, and he gave me some great pointers to pursue in revision. Among them was strengthening some of the scenes using the below described technique. I found the video very helpful (and am a little sad I wasn’t able to actually BE at the talk, since it was right down the street from me—*deep sigh*), and thought I’d share it in hopes that it might help you too.

Happy writing!

Sean Hoade Brings You The World's Greatest Blog In The World

I was invited as a special guest to the Salt Lake City Comic Con last weekend, and I sat on one panel — a George Romero retrospective, very fun — and gave a one-hour talk on “Creating the Perfect Scene,” using the ideas of several well-known writing gurus and presenting them with my own twist and style.

It was a hit. Huge. Like cheering at the end. It was, to say the least, a heady moment in my life. But even more than that, I talked to some attendees afterwards and they told me that this was just what they needed to get themselves actually writing that book they had always dreamed about. I was very proud to have helped them, and very flattered that Dan Farr (the founder of SLCCC) gave me such an outlet to help fledgling writers.

The video is on YouTube, and right here as well:

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